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Beauty Salon Horwich

Image Beauty Salon offers a wide variety of treatments and services. They are located in the heart of Horwich town centre, Bolton. We welcome you to familiarise yourself with our team of artists and the extensive services we offer. We proudly provide our guests with precision hair cutting, styling, detailed highlighting, and personalised services. Our goal is to exceed expectations. Come in, relax and enjoy everything our contemporary, industrial salon has to offer. We offer hair, beauty and aesthetics within the beauty salon. The barbershop is located on the upper floor.

Image's Education Centre is the latest addition to our ever improving salon.

Beauty Salon Horwich

First of all, when walking around Horwich town centre, Bolton, you could be asking how many hair salons are there? You automatically think there are plenty!, too many even. But which one is right for you?

Our business has been in Horwich for over 50 years and we are still going strong. We have recently purchased the building and renovated it all throughout.

As a business, Image Hair and beauty salon has recently included a barbershop on the upperfloor and our next chapter is to break into the education side of the industry. 

Why choose Image Beauty Salon Horwich

Image beauty salon is here to make you look and feel  amazing. perfectly positioned in the heard of Horwich, Bolton. We go above and beyond for each and every client. The question is do you want to look beautiful? exactly, don't miss out. you can subscribe to Image to get all the latest gossip, promotions, course information.

Looking for a new beauty stylist in the heart of Bolton, Horwich?

Don't dwell on it, take a peek, give us a call or message. we can help you whatever your need.

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Image has been around for over 50 years and started in this very building which is located in the heart of Horwich, Bolton! It was originally above what was then a dress shop and the previous owners dreams saw it expand and move downstairs, which is when Image was truly born.

I first came to Image in 2003, fresh out of hair college with my level 2 under my belt and raring to go. Image was very different to other salons that I had worked at, it was much faster paced and with a different clientele. I was determined to bring Image into the twentieth century and expend her even further.

After only one year at Image, I had already made huge changes and gained what would become a loyal clientele, whom today I am proud to call my friends as well.


At just 20 years of age, I was lucky enough with the help of my amazing parents to buy Image along with my then business partner, my sister Louise. Together we built Image up even further, introducing beauty and nails along with her ever bustling hair clientele. 


In 2015 Image's current Manager Stacey joined our small team. Stacey joined us in the second year of her apprenticeship and fast became a vital part of Image. 


2018 saw Image's biggest changes. My sister and I dissolved our partnership, so that she was free to go on and pursue her passion to work along side her husband on their family farm. Which made way for my husband Carl to join our team and create his own barbershop, located on Image's second floor. 


This encouraged me to pursue my passion and finally together with my husband and once again the help of my amazing parents buy our beautiful building. Image was finally ours, so we quickly got underway with renovating and restoring this beautiful building. It was 2 years of blood, sweat, tears and a lot a dust but it was so worth it to see what she has become!!

Then came queen corona! Forcing us to shut our doors for the first time since I started here almost 20 years ago. We are still currently closed due to the latest government lockdown in December. Although we can't wait to re-open, we haven't wasted this unexpected time off, we got of our bums and got our learn on!

I decided to finally start my teaching qualifications and just this week passed my AET with flying colours! Becoming the teaching academies fastest student! With more courses to come we are heading towards the next big chapter in Image's life... IMAGE EDUCATION.


There have been lots of messy bits along the way, tears, babies, fall outs and collapsing ceilings but Image wouldn't be what she is or where she is today without all of it!!

feel that tingling in your fingertips?

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