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Hairdressing NVQ

Let’s give them the start they deserve!

It’s no secret that my whole lives passion is hair!

Doing hair, researching hair learning hair and now finally teaching hair! I love it!!

It’s been a huge goal of mine to eventually get to the point in my life and my career where I can pass on my skills, in depth knowledge and sheer passion to the younger generations coming through!

I genuinely believe that the level of education in our industry needs addressing!

Even more recently the amount of CPD courses popping up here there and everywhere is phenomenal!

Students of all ages are paying out their hard earned money for courses that aren’t necessarily going to give them the correct skill set or qualification that they need or want!

It is my aim, my goal and my passion to eventually set up a fully inclusive learning centre right in the heart of our salon!

A centre that will deliver only the highest of courses and education, a centre that will teach you, support you, listen to you, learn with you and from you!!

Hopefully in the next three years we will be ready to offer Image’s fully inclusive NVQ levels 2-3 in hairdressing and barbering!

I want to teach students at the cusp of their hairdressing career, nurture them and provide them with the level of education, skills and work ethic that will serve them through the whole of their career, no matter what or where that may be!

For me this is about teaching, improving and expanding the industry that I have spent my whole working life consumed by!!

The hair industry is one hell of an industry to get in to and I am determined to prove it!!

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