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Deo Mini Paper Waxing Strips 100

Deo Mini Paper Waxing Strips 100


Deo mini non woven paper waxing strips are the essential strip to be used in waxing treatments for delicate areas. They are strong and durable allowing the user to efficiently and effectively remove stubborn hairs. They are high quality and disposable. Our original bonded extra strong non-woven professional waxing strip delivers strength and flexibility, facilitating a fast and accurate wax. Made from polyester viscose, they provide exceptional softness and comfort for the skin. Suitable for use with all professional depilatory warm waxes, the Deo non woven paper waxing strips are essential for both the mobile user, home user and salon based beauticians. They ensure every client receives a professional yet pleasant waxing experience each and every time.

KEY FEATURES: High-quality extra strong non woven paper wax strips Ideal for tough, stubborn hairs Versatile strips ensuring efficient and effective hair removal Ideal for all waxing treatments Economically priced Used in conjunction with Deo depilatory waxes to provide the professional finish

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