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Matrix Style Link Height Riser Volumising Powder - 7g

Matrix Style Link Height Riser Volumising Powder - 7g

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Matrix Style Link Height Riser Volumising Powder - 7g


There are many reasons to explain why your hair lack the voluminous texture and the natural fluff. Grease, dirt, humidity and excess of natural sebum in your hair can flatten the hair, making it look sticky. But, you can still save your hair from being lifeless and flat by using this Matrix volumising hair powder. Adding volume to your hair with a silky-smooth texture is achievable with this height riser hair powder.


Let Your Hair Achieve an Enviable Hair Texture, Height and Shine


This Matrix hair volumising powder will help to shape it into the desired style. This powder product is a sticky substance that sticks to the tresses, ensuring the strands stick together to create a fuller and shinier look. The lightweight formulation of this hair care product makes its application much easier. The conditioning hair powder is enriched with the skin condition and anti-foaming agents, providing you with the best results for volumised hair effect.


Give Your Hair a Fantastic Lift with this Style Link Height Riser Volumising Powder


Adding volumising effect to your hair without using heat stylers is not impossible anymore. This hair pomade texturises your hair by sticking onto the roots and absorbs the hair oil for nourishment and uplifts the hair. This hair powder dust works with the mechanism of gripping your hair without dulling or weighing it down, creating an instant height. This conditioning hair powder separates the strands and imparts long-lasting shine to your hair.


It is advisable to use this hair care product on dry hair. Take a small amount of this hair powder in your hands, shake it at the roots and massage properly. Leave-in hair powder instantly plumps up the volume of your hair.


  • Product Features



    • For flat, lifeless hair
    • Lightweight powder
    • Volumising and texturising formula 
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