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Mood Cell Force Shampoo

Mood Cell Force Shampoo

SKU: 21354654

Mood Anti Hair Loss Shampoo

Mood Cell Force Shampoo is a shampoo for fragile or thinning hair.Enriched with:

vitamin PP to promote keratin synthesis;

Açaí extract with anti-oxidant action.




Apply to damp hair, massage in gently and then rinse. Repeat if necessary.



enriched with:

Vitamin PP: with its antioxidant action, it increases keratin production, stimulates ceramide synthesis, accelerates the differentiation of keratinocytes and improves the dermal-epidermal function;

Acai extract: thanks to its concentration of natural antioxidants such as vitamins A, C and E, it improves the health of the hair giving the stalks gloss and strengthening the roots.

Panthenol: with its strong moisturising and emollient action, it is specifically indicated for dry scalp as it bestows the right level of moisture. It also provides the hair’s keratin with emollient and conditioning action contributing to avoiding its breaking.

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    Preparing the scalp for Mood Anti Hair Loss Treatment.

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