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Mood Keratin Shampoo, Mask & 2-in-1 Cream

Mood Keratin Shampoo, Mask & 2-in-1 Cream


MOOD Keratin Shampoo & Mask gently cleanses the hair and scalp while strengthening the hair.


Enriched with plant keratin and a multi-mineral complex, this combo:

closes the cuticles of even the most damaged hair, providing softness and shine without weighing it down;

Creates stronger, shiner and easier to comb hair.



Apply shampoo to wet hair, massage and rinse

Apply mask after Mood long hair shampoo, leave for 5-10 minutes and rinse.


Mood Keratin 2in1 Cream is a multi-use cream for long hair that penetrates deep into the hair, bestowing softness and shine without weighing the hair down.



Wash hair using MOOD Keratin Shampoo and follow with MOOD Keratin Mask

Apply MOOD Keratin 2in1 Cream to damp/towel dried hair, do not rinse and dry as normal.


Mood recommends the Keratin line based on vegetable keratin and a Multi-Mineral Complex, an innovative glycopeptide mineral complex derived from a bio-fermentation process, giving visible results from the very first application.

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