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MOOD Serum Light

MOOD Serum Light

SKU: 654321321

MOOD Serum Light


Get ready to transform your hair game with MOOD Serum Light! Enriched with powerful active ingredients, this illuminating serum will give your hair a brilliant shine that lasts all day long.


Its film-forming molecules create a protective barrier that shields your hair from humidity, taming frizz and flyaways.


Whether your hair is wet or dry, simply apply a small amount of MOOD product to your hands, rub them together, and work it through your hair for a luscious, radiant finish.


Don’t settle for dull, lifeless hair – make MOOD Light your new go-to for a stunning, salon-worthy look. Get your bottle now and see the difference for yourself!


The formula is enriched with several active ingredients that together perform functions typical of the product:


  • Film-forming molecules: create a film on your hair, protecting it and giving it brilliance.
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