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Mood Ultra Care Conditioner

Mood Ultra Care Conditioner


MOOD Daily Care Leave-In Conditioner is a light spray conditioner that untangles and needs no rinsing.

Thanks to its formulation with Lychee extracts it’s capable of:

Protecting fine hair full of static electricity;

Giving hair strength and gloss;

Eliminating the electrostatic effect without weighing hair down.

Product ideal for:

Fine or dull hair and for frequent use especially for conditioning hair quickly after the gym or pool.


Apply to clean hair, whether wet or dry;

Spray on either before or during drying;

Do not rinse.


The formula is enriched with several active ingredients that together perform functions that help the hair and the scalp:

Lychee extracts: with energising, conditioning and moisturising properties, perfect for fine hair;

Panthenol (Provitamin B5): with a moisturising effect that acts on the hair and scalp;

Vitamin E: the natural molecule with antioxidant action;

Keratin amino acids: that strengthen the hair giving it body;

Wheat amino acid derivatives: combine the body giving action of proteins with silicone’s filmogenic effect.

All of the products in the Mood Daily Care line contain Lychee extracts. They are formulated for the treatment for fine or dull hair and frequent washing.

FYI - all old packing for mood products are changing, we are receiving a mix of old and new packaging, please bare this in mind before you order. All products inside old packing is still the same.

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